17. 8. 2017

The Museum of Glass and Jewelry in Jablonec nad Nisou opened the fourth year of the International Triennale of Glass and Costume Jewelry on Saturday 24.6.2017.

Products from Czech and international companies, students' work or, for example, various types of glass from 12 countries, 20 schools, 25 artists and 89 brands will be presented there until the end of October.

Lit glass cubes can also be seen in the exhibition's exterior; the lit silhouettes of the dancing cubes have been made from glass pressing rods from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brand. The DANCING CUBES are the work of the VACEK & SMID studio for PRECIOSA ORNELA.

PRECIOSA ORNELA will present its products using sub-themes: TRENDS, DESIGN and PRODUCT.

The trends for spring and summer 2017

PRECIOSA ORNELA The trends for spring and summer 2017


Magic Fusion coasters


The PRECIOSA cornelian star  The PRECIOSA cornelian star, design: Karolína Emingrová