Vases, 1965

Glass Blown into a Metal Mold and Cut
Design by Václav Hanuš

The 1960’s had many facets. While the open-minded hippies professed peace, love, friendship and freedom, the close-minded military strategists played a deadly game of nuclear chess. On the one hand, man landed on the moon and the last of the African nations rid themselves of colonial rule, on the other the Cold War raged in Vietnam. At the beginning of this decade Czechoslovakia became a Socialist Republic; at the end it became a federation. The Communists remained in power though they began to take on more liberal views, which, however, were not aligned with the hard Soviet doctrine. Concepts like competitiveness and harmful state monopoly began to penetrate economic politics and practices, even in the glass industry. Here great emphasis was placed not only on manufacturing efficiency but also its artistic quality.

In the Czech Republic and Around the World


Red stripes surrounding a red maple leaf on a white background becomes the official flag of Canada • Soviet cosmonaut Leonov is the first to exit his capsule and walk in outer space • Jim Clark becomes both Formula 1 and the Indy 500 champion • the American probe Mariner 4 brings us the first images of Mars • the Beatles hold the first ever concert in music history for 55,600 fans in a New York stadium • the cartoon Tom & Jerry is first aired on television • Tokyo becomes the largest city in the world.