Vases, 1973

Glass Blown into a Metal Mold, Polished and Matted
Václav Hanuš

Designing in the Czechoslovak glass industry came with its own specific tenets dictated by the nature of the country’s socialist economy. Exports, which were favored, were the responsibility of the only state joint-stock Skloexport, a company that also decided what collections would be part of the product range. It also initiated the development of new ideas.

Václav Hanuš viewed the situation as follows:

“While I was employed, I had the support of Skloexport. And Skloexport wanted new designs every year. This meant that I was continuously forced to produce. I had no difficulties and got many things that I requested. Nothing was too big a problem. Skloexport clearly had priority at that time, and whatever it needed it simply had to get. I made some drawings, the company signed off on them, a request for material was made, and samples were produced. I didn’t have any problems with items for export. The problems came with goods intended for the domestic market, both in terms of sales and quality.”

In the Czech Republic and Around the World

The Vietnam War, which started in 1955, ends for the US with the signing of the Paris Agreements; the world succumbs to the fashion of denim; Czechoslovak Post introduces postal codes; Czechoslovak Television starts regular color broadcasts; Motorola creates the first mobile phone; ATM machines are patented; the Bosphorus Bridge joins Asia and Europe for the first time; a futuristic transmitter and restaurant designed by architect Karel Hubáček opens on Ještěd; director Vaclav Vorlíček films the children’s story "Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella"